Pete K.

I wanted to send you a short note to thank you for all your work to benefit our communities less fortunate.

Being part of a Charity Foundation you become used to saying thank you to those people who support your mission. Your participation however is so overwhelming I simply do not know where to begin. From the design, art work all the way through production. The work you have done for us ranges from signboards, banners, Letter head, magnets and multiple sets of vehicle graphics, the list of your abilities seems to be endless. I thought there was not end to your talents when I learned that the refrigerator unit that was holding several tons of meat for our clients was ran dry because of no fuel delivery. I was surprised that you not only had experience in this area but you dropped everything to come and get the refer unit restarted. Spending a couple of hours in the pouring rain late at night is simply amazing.

There is customer service and there are companies who talk about customer service and then there are those companies who not only talk about customer service but delivery it repeatedly and consistently and a high quality product. You are not only one of those companies but are one of those people who back it up and deliver it each and every time.

On behalf of the Charity Foundation and the literally thousands of lives who you have touched thank you for being not just a good business person but an awesome human being.

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