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Foam Board

What is Foam Board?

Foam board, also known as Foam core, Foamcore board, and Paper-faced foam, is a lightweight and attractive poster and sign material. Sometimes confused with Gator board, which has a face made from wood-fiber veneer, Foam board is straightforward and inexpensive, making it extremely versatile for all sorts of projects, signs, and displays.

Common projects our clients order custom printed foam boards for include:

• To Advertise Sales

• Aisle Markers

• Menu Boards

• Photo Galleries

• Event Advertisements

• Trade Shows & Conventions

• Portable Signage

• Science Fair and Research Projects

Product Sizing

Our standard Foam board size is 22″ x 28″ (This is the foam board size you will generally find in the aisle of your neighborhood craft supplier or supermarket) and the thickness generally ranges between 5mm to 10mm (3/16″ to 1/2″) in black or white core for an attractive edge effect For bigger projects, our large Foam board size is 36″ x 48” and our oversized Foam boards can be as large as 8′ x 4′ – Only specialized printers (like us!) will have Foam boards this size in stock; if you require a Foam board of this size, it may need to be special-ordered. However, massive Foam board projects can be assembled from several smaller pieces of Foam board, which will make the product much easier to print and transport.

For signs that require a ridged board, we offer Gator Board in black or white core and all can be cut to the custom size you may require. *Routing by hand is available for custom projects.*

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