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Foamcore Boards

What is Foamcore?

Foam core, also known as Foam board, Foamcore board, and Paper-faced foam, is a lightweight and attractive poster and sign material. Sometimes confused with Gator board, which has a face made from wood-fiber veneer, Foamcore is straightforward and inexpensive, making it extremely versatile for all sorts of projects, signs, and displays.

Common purposes our clients order custom printed Foamcore boards are:

• To Advertise Sales

• Aisle Markers

• Menu Boards

• Photo Galleries

• Event Advertisements

• Trade Shows & Conventions

• Portable Signage

• Science Fair and Research Projects

Product Sizing

Our standard Foamcore board size is 22″ x 28″ (This is the foam board size you will generally find in the aisle of your neighborhood craft supplier or supermarket) and the thickness generally ranges between 5mm to 10mm (3/16″ to 1/2″) in black or white core for an attractive edge effectFor bigger projects, our large Foamcore board size is 36″ x 48” and our oversized Foamcore boards can be as large as 8′ x 4′ – Only specialized printers (like us!) will have Foamcore boards this size in stock; if you require a Foamcore board of this size, it may need to be special-ordered. However, massive Foamcore projects can be assembled from several smaller pieces of Foamcore, which will make the product much easier to print and transport.

For signs that require a ridged board we offer Gator Board in black or white core all can be cut to the customs size you may require. *Routing by hand is available for custom projects.*

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